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Wedding Wonder was founded by Sarah and Simon Stock, a pair of Boston-based lovebirds who met while earning their film degrees at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. 

In August of 2021, having just gotten married themselves, Sarah and Simon looked around and saw boxes filled with wedding decorations and flowers they didn't know what to do with, and film degrees they hadn't put to use yet. Then, it all clicked. 

The vision for Wedding Wonder is simple: we offer couples a streamlined wedding planning experience at extremely affordable prices


Instead of coordinating with 4 or 5 separate vendors for your video, photo, decorative, and print needs, you just have to talk to us. We'll take care of everything and ensure your special day is absolutely perfect. 

Simon's training and experience in the visual arts allows him to provide professional videography services of the utmost quality so you can look back on and cherish your big day for the rest of your lives. 

A lifelong creative, Sarah's artistic eye makes it easy for her to help you envision the overall theme and aesthetic you desire your wedding to have. She's a graphic design whiz with uncanny visual instincts. She'll make sure your flowers and decorations are nothing short of stunning.

If you're looking for a one stop shop to make your wedding truly wonderful, you've come to the right place. We can't wait to work with you! 




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